Saturday, September 29, 2007

A disappointing read

I recently picked up a book at the library by a well-known "Evangelical" author. Although I normally don't read these type of books, this particular book made a claim to explain why the Evangelical church must "war" against the homosexuals ("war" is actually used on the cover to describe the conflict between Evangelicals and Homosexuals).

Sadly, the book had very few biblical references, but instead would quote from other evangelical essays. This included partial statistics, which were not pulled from a study that we could reference and possibly refute, but instead, were simply statistics quoted from someone else's prose. Mostly, it repeated over and over that homosexuals are the enemy, and that they have an insidious plan to destroy America and The Family.

Worst of all, the author frequently claims to be upset to be referred to as a "bigot" his foundation as a "hate group", and yet continues to throw hateful rhetoric, and surely by his books and other programs, encourages others to do the same.

I have no issue with this author stating his opinion. The issue I have is that he claims to spread the "gospel" (although NOT the good news of the Christ), and incites hatred in his followers. "Beware the yeast of the Pharasees", Jesus the Christ tells us (Matt 16:6,11; Lk 12:1). This author has the ears of so many - what if they spread the good news (evangelos) of Christ rather than hateful rhetoric? Who's kingdom does this author work to establish?

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